Our Mats

Before clicking the buy now button please take a moment to read a bit of information on our beautiful hand painted decorative mats.

Each mat is made to order so our mats take approximately 1 -2 weeks for them to be shipped. Kerrilee designs the stencil and then hand paints each mat. Our mats are then left to dry overnight and the following day we spray a high quality, UV resistant sealer over your mat to prevent fading and shedding. We take the utmost care in making sure that your mat lasts for as long as possible, however, coir naturally sheds so this will cause some fading in your mat over time. We suggest following these easy care instructions so that your mat can last you a long time.

Our mats are intended for decorative use only so we do suggest that you keep it in sheltered area such as a covered porch, patio, entryway or garage. Direct rain is not recommended since it can take a long time for the doormat to dry out completely. All coir mats are prone to shedding. Clean by shaking the mat out. Please do not use soap or bleach. Place your mat in a low traffic area to avoid fading. 

Our mats have been sourced in Siri Lanka and are eithically made,100% coir fibre with a pvc backing.

If you have any questions before purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist in any way we can.